Measuring the Success of Your Training Programs

by Roberta Gelb May 19, 2007 Articles

Thousands of dollars are spent on software training at law firms, sometimes even hundreds of thousands or millions each year

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Selling the Buy

by Roberta Gelb November 19, 2006 Articles

For months, you created and collected RFPs, brought in the vendors for hours of demos, painstakingly checked references, until you

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Four Essential Steps to Success

by Roberta Gelb October 19, 2003 Articles

Has this happened at your firm? Ms. Big Shot on the executive committee hears from her third cousin about a

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Avoid the “White-Out Cure”

by Roberta Gelb November 19, 2002 Articles

At a visit to a firm to discuss training needs many years ago, I noticed a bottle of White-Out next

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