Because Every Firm Is Different.

Since 1984, Chelsea Office Systems, Inc. has helped law firms and corporations leverage technology to drive efficiency through automated document production, customized application development and personalized training solutions.

Our Services

Get to Know Chelsea Office Systems - Celebrating 35 Years!

“Our goal is to help our clients make smooth transitions to new and innovative applications and technologies.”

Law firms and corporations have trusted Chelsea Office Systems for more than 35 years to consult and train on a variety of software applications. With an unwavering focus on personalized service, we specialize in identifying inefficiencies and implementing customized solutions to save your staff time.

A Personalized Approach

At Chelsea Office Systems, our approach to each and every project is unique. Whether we are conducting a feasibility study, designing custom tools or providing user training sessions, we are always aware that we are working with individuals who learn and work in a variety of ways. We’ve built our success on the fundamental belief that every organization is different and design solutions to solve your specific challenges.

Client Project Snapshots

SQL Database

Working with SQL we created a custom integration to link an unsupported platform with Litera Microsystems’ Innova document assembly tool.

Forms Automation

We generated a 33% productivity improvement for a highly regarded New York firm by automating the creation of their most frequently used legal pleadings.

Productivity Consulting

Our team helped an established firm identify productivity opportunities. With our suggested enhancements, they were able to increase work with existing staff and avoid a planned staff increase.

Automation Package

We led the development of a custom automation package for international trade documents with very specific requirements for a firm of 300+ attorneys.

Training for 1,000+ Users

Supporting a HR consulting firm, we provided project management and training for Office/Windows/iManage and other security software for 1,000 users in 21 offices in the US & Canada.

Mergers & Acquisitions

When two firms merged, we reworked all templates to incorporate the new offices, different languages and paper sizes while providing support during the transition.